Day 4

So, today I went to the hairdresser to make me hair curly. Of course, knowing my lucky, my hairs are too heavy to curl, so they’re the same. After hairdresser, I went to my sister to help her with her dauther (and it was raining as hell and I was sooo wet) and I spent nearlu all of my day at her place.

Later on, her husband took me home and I started to think about changing more in my life and I think about going to work in IKEA. Maybe it’s good idea?

I met some new friends to play  overwatch (Ryukatsu #21933 add me if you want), their names are Lucas and Sebastian and they couldn’t remember my name!

I started to play Pokemon GO once again, because I stopped in summer. Now there is some new pokemons and my favorite of them all, Chikorita!

That was great day. Thanks for reading