Day 3

Hello again.

Today it was Sunday and I spent all the time with my parents. Mom did dinner and we ate on the sofa, watching tv. As always, me and my dad was commentaiting all of the films, because we always look for mistakes or stupid moves in the movies. Mom hates it.

Then I took my laptop and I connected it to our TV, so we had movie night too. Few days ago I wached Scary Film 4 with my mom by mistake and she really liked it, so today we wanted to watch all of 5 Scary Movies. Sadly, we watch only 3 of them but hey, it’s more than half, right?

Tomorrow I think I’ll join some asian language course, to make something more in my life. My parents said that I’m too optymistic about speed learning, but I want to try. And thet met yeasterday my old teacher and she was sooo proud of me, I don’t know even why, but hey! It’s really helping me!

Thanks for reading,



Day 2

Hi again my dear diary, so this day was fuull of diffrent things. Claudia, my monkey friend, came to my house with vine. We drank two vines (875 ml for one person), but it was okay for me, I didn’t feel weird. We talk about her school and her everything, because she’s a type of person which need to find a person to listen to her endless talking. I feel sorry for her boyfriend.

I don’t know if she’s stupid or mean, but she said to me few painful things. I didn’t response, because I didn’t want to give her a pleasure of watching me in emotions.

I told her how I broke up with my lover in December, that he made me his little bitch, I coudn’t said a word to not make him angry and he was just toxic for me. Now I’m having a depression, I hate myself but I know, that he’s a bad person, not me. Even my doctor said, that he has some problems with his head, not me. So, now I make this blog for opening myself and to belive in myself once again.

I hope it will help me.

Thanks for reading,


Day 1

Here we are again.

Today I woke up at 10, I think. My dad was calling me on the phone, because it was raining outside, and I needed to turn off the electricity in his workshop, or his machines would broke. I had really strange dreams, like I was an american spy in WWII, then I was buying some clothes and finally, I was running “home of pleasure”. Yea, that was strange.

My mom had an accident and today she was in hospital, to check her broken finger. It doesn’t look good in my opinion, but I’m not a doctor so I don’t know if it’s good or bad.

And yeah, all day I was cleaning my room and home (tomorrow my friend will come to my house – I don’t like her much, but my parents are going to the party and I don’t want to be alone or to go to my sister’s house) and playing games. O, and I sign up for two programming courses online, maybe I’ll learn something new. We will see. I’m wondering about going on japanese language course, as I went on karate week later, but I don’t know if it isn’t too much for me now.

Thanks for reading,


Finally here

Welcome, my name is Dorothy Sherrington. I’m 20 and I started this blog to be more creative and systematic. I’m dealing with depression and I want to make this blog my way to get out of this illness. I will tell about why am I sick later, but now I want to tell that I want to became a totally new person, so I joined karate club and I think about getting job or starting learning new language. We will see. I want to upload here some of my photos too, my diy and other stuff I guess. Maybe I’ll write some stories too, but we will see in the future.

Thanks for reading