Day 3

Hello again.

Today it was Sunday and I spent all the time with my parents. Mom did dinner and we ate on the sofa, watching tv. As always, me and my dad was commentaiting all of the films, because we always look for mistakes or stupid moves in the movies. Mom hates it.

Then I took my laptop and I connected it to our TV, so we had movie night too. Few days ago I wached Scary Film 4 with my mom by mistake and she really liked it, so today we wanted to watch all of 5 Scary Movies. Sadly, we watch only 3 of them but hey, it’s more than half, right?

Tomorrow I think I’ll join some asian language course, to make something more in my life. My parents said that I’m too optymistic about speed learning, but I want to try. And thet met yeasterday my old teacher and she was sooo proud of me, I don’t know even why, but hey! It’s really helping me!

Thanks for reading,



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