Day 2

Hi again my dear diary, so this day was fuull of diffrent things. Claudia, my monkey friend, came to my house with vine. We drank two vines (875 ml for one person), but it was okay for me, I didn’t feel weird. We talk about her school and her everything, because she’s a type of person which need to find a person to listen to her endless talking. I feel sorry for her boyfriend.

I don’t know if she’s stupid or mean, but she said to me few painful things. I didn’t response, because I didn’t want to give her a pleasure of watching me in emotions.

I told her how I broke up with my lover in December, that he made me his little bitch, I coudn’t said a word to not make him angry and he was just toxic for me. Now I’m having a depression, I hate myself but I know, that he’s a bad person, not me. Even my doctor said, that he has some problems with his head, not me. So, now I make this blog for opening myself and to belive in myself once again.

I hope it will help me.

Thanks for reading,



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